Ubi Major is a premiun  agency that can now be defined as a point of reference in Italy in the field of musical entertainment. Thanks to a careful research and selection of proposals, combined with a consolidated experience and a meticulous organization, we can offer a targeted product of excellent quality, ensuring the success of the event.


Born from Ubi Major S.r.l., leading company in Italy for offering high quality musical entertainment for luxury hotels, Ubi Sound inherits the sensitivity necessary to recommend the most suitable notes for each moment. Like Ubi Major S.r.l., Ubi Sound has music in its blood. Its DNA is made up of passion, refinement and extraordinary expertise in the artistic field: these characteristics are placed at the service of welcoming and entertaining guests.


Ubi Classic was born as a natural extension of Ubi Major and wants to be a new point of reference for all those who want to opt for a discreet but certainly highly prestigious musical accompaniment. We put our expertise and resources at your disposal to guide you in the boundless world of classical music.


Ubi Serenade was born in 2014 thanks to the will of Luca Lisi, former founder of Ubi Major S.r.l. Ubi Serenade represents a new section of Ubi Major dedicated to folk music entertainment, its aim is the recovery and conservation of traditional Venetian music.